The challenge:

Understand what creates customer loyalty and understand expectation of how and when they would be rewarded for loyalty.

We needed to understand:


  • Customers / Business perception of loyalty and rewards.
  • Customers motivation around rewards.
  • Awareness of current Virgin Money rewards.
  • Customers expectation of how and when they would be rewarded for loyalty.

What did I do?

  • Desk research- look at existing findings
  • Internal survey- Ask questions specifically around rewards and loyalty
  • Stakeholder interview- Speak to people from the business
  • User interviews- Speak to customers and non customers

1)  Understanding who are the stakeholders


I began by mapping out all of the key people that I needed to speak to understand reward and loyalty at Virgin Money.

2)  I designed a survey to get a sense of the types of things that made someone loyal to brand, and how big a part rewards played.


The survey identified what people valued the most and what would encourage them (if anything) to stay loyal to a brand.


Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 17.08.37

3)  Conducted pop up interviews.


We conducted pop up interviews with our customers at stores and lounges to begin to understand attitudes towards reward and loyalty.

We found that ‘Loyalty’ to most customers meant interacting with a brand of a regular basis and putting it above brands.


Over half of the customers spoke to didn’t initially describe themselves as being ‘brand loyal’. They spoke about brands they liked and long relationship with but also spoke of the fact they’d happily go elsewhere for a better deal.

A few of the older customers felt the days of loyalty were gone, it’s easier now to switch and there’s less motivation to stay loyal.