“Exceptional Student, impressive enthusiasm and initiative combined with motivation and willingness to learn. Excellent project with interesting idea and well investigated issues. Good presentation skills, and you had an interaction design that you explained very well. I have very rarely had the privilege of coaching such a bright student.” Ben Salmon and Stephen Gibson, Lectures at Northumbria University.  ( Feedback on my final project IUVO)


I have graduated after an exciting three years of University studying ‘Interactive Media Design’, receiving an overall FIRST and an average of 85% for my completed modules, which includes 100% for my personal project ‘IUVO’ and 85% on my work for Kielder Forest  and 80% for my work on ‘Evolve’. Please check these out!



I current work as a ‘User Experience Designer / User researcher’ at a digital design agency in Newcastle.


What I do in my spare time

I love seeing my designs brought to life which is why physical computing and application design is appealing to me. With physical computing it is very satisfying to be able to build and create your ideas. I am currently studying HTML and CSS so I can help with the front end development and have more control over the design.